a pivotal crossing of threads


Following her pharmaceutical studies at Paris Descartes University and a scientific PhD, Blandine Pommier has been working as a researcher in several publicly funded laboratories. Caught up in the intricacies of her work but driven by an entrepreneurial itch, she begins to think of possible creative ventures to explore outside the lab.

Her longtime interests in textiles and children’s goods lead her to a nursery in the fifth arrondissement of Paris, where she offers to create the cosy cushions that parents are asked to provide for their babies when they arrive.

These cosy cushions have been used by the nursery’s director for 30 years — they serve a time-tested purpose of comfortably securing each child while minimizing the stress of adapting to a new environment. But since they are made by individual parents, they don’t always meet appropriate safety standards.

Handling hefty regulations while assembling quality materials and manufacturing techniques — all with the intent of designing the perfect article of comfort and security for newborns — proves to be an engaging challenge for Blandine’s investigative spirit.

She calls this cosy cusion the Nidou (the phonetic equivalent of “soft nest” in French); in July of 2010, Luciole makes its debut at the Bon Marché, the world’s first modern department store. There, Blandine meets Danielle Henry, an acquirer with 25 years years of experience at Bon Marché; Danielle is struck by the quality and popularity of Luciole’s goods, and offers to help develop the budding project into a full-fledged bed linen brand. With Danielle’s dedication in this partnership, the threads of Luciole’s story are growing in number and strength every year.


poetry, vibrance, reverie


Blandine is drawn to color and everything that speaks to a child’s perspective.

One of her primary articles is a nap pillow whose illustrations inspire young minds to think up stories to fall asleep to, at home or at school. She relies on her bedtime-storyteller-mother experience to seek out vibrant textiles that spark children’s imaginations.

Her purveyor of choice for these patterns is Liberty; the reputable British brand stocks a rich array of eclectic designs which draw from beloved children’s book illustrators such as Quentin Blake, Lauren Child and Sally Hayson.

Blandine has also partnered with a gifted stylist from the French clothing brand Petit Bateau to design the “Animaux de la forêt” (Forest Animals) collection, which is printed onto white cotton with a silk-screening technique.

Through Luciole, Blandine’s mission is to delight the young and invite them into a world of vivid color, while bringing joy to their home.