• Cotton Pacifier Holder

    Not all babies need a pacifier to go to sleep. Some babies suck their thumbs or their cuddily security toys; It is certain that the act of sucking relaxes babies. To aid mommies and daddies who are exhausted from having to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to pick up their baby’s pacifier, LucioleetCie offers these very attractive accessories made with Liberty fabric . These cotton pacifier holders are guaranteed to be French-made and in accordance with security requirements. To be used without moderation!

  • Protège carnet de santé

  • Little Bags

    Little Bags to store anything you need for you or your baby : wipes, diapers, pacifier... In very nice fabric, theses little bags will be very useful every day !

  • Toiletry Kit for babies

    Vanity case for babies

    These magnificient, beautifully made toiletry kits have vinyl interiors which are perfectly waterproof. Ideal for holding all of the baby's toiletry items. They can also be useful for the mother! Toiletry kits put a touch of gayety and fantasy in your home. A very nice gift to offer!

  • Baby Towels/Security Blanket

  • Travel Bag

  • Fold and go baby changing pad

  • Bibs

  • Baby Hooded Bath Towels

    For grooming after the bath, what could be better than a Luciole et Cie –made hooded bath towel covering your baby with softness? French-made, this indispensable, all cotton accessory can be used for your baby up to 2 or 3 years old. A very pretty gift to offer!

  • Housse de matelas à langer