Child and baby bed linen

Very Soft Baby and Child Bed Linen Made in France

For your baby or for a birth gift, for junior children, Luciole et cie offers a wonderfull quality of poetic fabric. Bumpers, baby sleeping bags, play mats.... All our products are French made.

  • Angel's Nest for baby birth

  • Baby Sleeping Bag

    Luciole et Cie offers you a large choice of baby sleeping bags of high quality and made in France with hypoallergenic Oeko-Tex cottons. Practical, our baby sleeping bags open at the shoulders with 2 snaps and on the front of the bag with a zipper which permitsputting a sleeping baby in after the bottle or breast feeding. All of these features bring together a maximium of well-being for your baby’s sleep, easy maintenance and long use. Surrounded by softness, your baby will sleep like an angel. Make a good choice of bed linen for your baby and offer him or her the best.

  • Crib Bumpers

    Made with a very soft Oeko-Tex cotton and with hypoallergenic padding, the crib bumpers of Luciole et Cie are thus of high quality. Soft (just what is needed), theymake use of 16 thread uniform cotton or Liberty fabric of a regulated length. They will accompany your children to the land of dreams. Made in France

  • Cosy Crib Cushions

    The cosy crib cushions, or soft nests, of Luciole et Cie surround the little ones, bringing them warm and soft contact necessary for their well-being. Firm and filled with hypoallergenic padding, the cosy crib cushions are designed for use from 6 months of age. They will accompany your baby from the crib to a large bed where he or she will still appreciate the cushions and will always be able to get comfortable and to fall asleep quietly. Recommended by some baby care centers, they help your baby to fall asleep peacefully in a new environment. The cozy crib cushions are also well appreciated as bumpers for folding cribs. They serve as a haven for the senses during travel and permit your baby to fall asleep in familiar surroundings. A pretty gift to offer and to receive. Our products conform to the security requirements.

  • Bedspreads/Duvet

    Our Bedspreads or Duvets are very decorative in the bedroom or in the livingroom. It may be used to cover the baby from 18 months. Its light and very soft hypoallergenic wadding and fabric makes it a very high quality product. It is easy to wash in a washing machine.

  • Bed linen

  • Children Sleeping Bags

    The outer covers of the child sleeping bags are 100% cotton. The padding used is very uniform, resistant, soft, and hypoallergenic. They are perfectly suitable for children entering as beginners in nursery school where they may be sleeping among the others. Light and of small size, one of these bags will create a cocoon in which your child will feel secure to stretch out and to rest. These sleeping bags can also be used for children from 2 years on in folding travel beds or when there are bed wettings in the middle of the night. Furthermore they will be appreciated by children for sleeping over at the homes of boy or girl friends! Made in France

  • Duvet Case

    Very soft and poetic duvet case for the joy of children!

  • Pillow

    Very soft, small pillows for all children to be used anywhere : in bed, in the car or at nursery school for the siesta…. These small pillows are filled with flakes of hypoallergenic, light, and uniform padding. They keep all their puffiness after machine washing. Children cheer for these little pillows which display stories you can tell your child before sleeping. Must-have cudily pillows for all children 2 to 6 years old !